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Safe Spaces

The Disability Collective is committed to making our spaces vibrant, diverse, inclusive, welcoming, and safe. We’re dedicated to creating spaces where community thrives. Authentic safer spaces require commitment, accountability, and support from everyone in our community. We want to encourage inclusion, reduce opportunities for harm, and support victims, survivors, and allies who choose to report an incident. The Disability Collective is committed to providing an environment free of discrimination, violence, and harassment, where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, can contribute fully and have equal opportunities.

Click here to read our Safe Spaces & Anti-Harassment Policy.

Are you in crisis? Click here for a list of community crisis resources.

Report an Incident

If you witness or experience harassment, violence, or discrimination, please tell us. We will listen, and we will support you. Please submit a report using the form below. Reports may be made anonymously.

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